If you or your child are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the Clark County Mental Health Crisis Line at (360) 696-9560.
If you need emergency assistance, please call 911.
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About Family Solutions

family_meadowFamily Solutions was founded in November 2001 by our first Executive Director, Laura Osburn, to serve children and families needing mental health services in Clark County, Washington. As a former foster child who went on to be adopted and, later, to adopt children of her own, it was Laura’s vision to grow an agency focused on giving first-class care to adoptive and foster children — children that, as she knew from her own experiences, are prone to falling through the cracks of traditional healthcare and welfare systems. In the beginning of Family Solutions, our 20 clients were served by three staff members, all of whom had personal experiences either with or as adoptive and foster children: Laura Osburn, Kristi Steward (now Wendell) and Lisa Catt (now Carpenter).

Since we first opened our doors, our scope of work has broadened significantly. We have expanded our services to include children and families who are not associated with the adoption or foster system. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing services to children with all sorts of backgrounds and to families of all shapes and sizes. In 2015, Family Solutions served approximately 1400 children and their families throughout Clark County.

The face of our organization has also changed quite a bit since 2001. Today, we have more than 70 staff members including medical providers, Masters-level therapists and social workers, Bachelors-level family support specialists, certified peer counselors, and highly-skilled administrative staff.

We’ve brought on therapists to provide services in Spanish and American Sign Language. When the need arises, we engage interpreters to help facilitate treatment in other languages. We currently have two offices where we can meet with clients and our strong relationships with area school districts allow us to provide services on-campus during school hours.

Though a lot has changed at Family Solutions over the last 15 years, one thing will always stay the same: our drive to help children and families become whole and healthy and to experience the joy of living.