If you or your child are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the Clark County Mental Health Crisis Line at (360) 696-9560.
If you need emergency assistance, please call 911.
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Two Male Students Walking To High SchoolThe mission of Family Solutions is to provide high quality, comprehensive mental health services to the children, youth and families who have the highest need and least access to care in and around Vancouver, Washington.

We believe that children are resilient and have the capacity to heal from adverse childhood experiences such as neglect, abuse, trauma and loss. The goal behind our services is to help children and caregivers grow and change in ways that facilitate the development of self and of healthy interpersonal relationships while also assisting children in achieving developmental milestones.

Family Solutions understands that we cannot accomplish this goal without extensive contact with all family members (biological, chosen and foster/adoptive), the community in which the child lives and other systems that are involved in the child’s life (school, church, medical system, child welfare system, etc.).

We believe it is important to continuously model and encourage the development of healthy attachments. Family Solutions recognizes that recovery is a journey and that each child and family’s journey is unique.