If you or your child are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the Clark County Mental Health Crisis Line at (360) 696-9560.
If you need emergency assistance, please call 911.
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Our Staff

playing_floorFamily Solutions is proud to be home to a team of highly qualified mental health and administrative professionals with a shared commitment to life-wide learning, ongoing growth and providing our clients with excellent care and service.

Executive Staff
Lisa Carpenter, LICSW, LCSW, Executive Director
Julie Ludt, Finance Director
Tracy Arney, LICSW, LCSW, Clinical Director
Lorie Brown, Facilities Director

Support Staff
Alyssa Carpenter, IS Specialist
Arianna Bebb, Intake Coordinator Assistant
Carmen Jacobson, Finance Specialist
Cheryl Waldemer, Administrative Assistant
Christina Rathke, IS Administrator
Donna Brase, Administrative Assistant
Hali Snuffin, Medical Coordinator Lead
Inez Fahnbulleh, Billing Specialist
Janet Sanchez, Intake Coordinator Assistant, Spanish speaking
Jessica Kraff, Intake Coordinator Lead
Joyce Buchanan, Finance Assistant
Kara Coulter, Administrative Assistant
Nataly Vasquez, Intake Coordinator Assistant, Spanish speaking
Olga Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant
Phil Burch, Medical Records Clerk
Priscilla Van Der Rest, Administrative Assistant
Susan Bristol, HR Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Clinical Staff
Child and Family Therapists
Allison Stuart, LICSW, Clinical Supervisor
Alycia Smith, MSW, Clinical Supervisor
Anita Gushurst, LMHC, Clinical Supervisor
Anna Bernstein, MSW
Arielle Fettman, MA
Ashleigh Wilbert, MSW
Bridget Redmon, MSW
Cameron Hunter, MS
Carissa Aresta, MSW
Caroline Paddock, MSW
Cassandra Capone, MSW
Christina Anderson, MSW
Claire Haynack, MA
Elizabeth Purcell, LMHC
Eric Loya, LICSW
Genie Gomez, MSW
Ginger Hemming, LMHC, Clinical Supervisor
Hali McCoy, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor
Hanna Wade, MSW
Jacky Gomez, LICSW
Jennifer DiStefano, LMHC, Clinical Supervisor
Jessica Kingrey, MA
Jessica Larson, LMHC
Jillany Wellman, LMFT, School-based Program Manager
Katelyn Peer, MA
Kelsey Carrier, MA
Kindra Carroll, LICSW, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor
Krystal Jacobus, MA
Laura Clark, MSW, MA
Liz Jacobsen, MS
Liz Marx, MSW
Lori Sylvain, LICSW
Maddison VanderHoff, MSW
Melissa Rochford, MSW
Molly Callahan, MS
Molly McCormick, MA
Naomi Schwendemann, MSW
Richard Clark, MA
Richard Marshall, MA
Sarah Fisher, MSW
Sarah Ruhl, LICSW, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor
Sarah Talmadge, MSW
Sare Rane, MSW
Stephanie Leschber, MSW
Susan Farrelly, MS
Susan Ponton, MSW
Tracy Arney, LICSW, LCSW, Clinical Director
Wendy Allen, LMHC

Family Support Specialists
Amie Rippeteau, BS
Ashley Stroh, BA
Corynne Jackson, BS
Gabriella Wolpert, BSSW
James Davis, BS
Jenna White, BA
Jennifer Maxa, BS, FSS Coordinator/Care Coordinator
Jenny Much, BA
Jessica Douglass, BA
Justin Engstrom, MS
Lindsey Mayer, BA
Paul Schragl, BS
Trevor Underwood

Peer Support Counselors
Bernice Williams
Debra Samuel, BA
Kristi Wendell, BA
Tavia Langenbacher, Youth Peer Support

Medical Staff
Carla Crockford, ARNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Kerry Mitchell, ARNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Interns (Master’s level)
Hannah Scheuer, MSW Intern
Kalinda Ferguson, MSW Intern
Rosemary Patterson, MA Intern
Sarah Knakal, MA Intern
Theresa Hemington, MA Intern