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The Beauty of a Spectrum

Written by: Carissa Aresta, AAC The fact that Autism Spectrum Disorder exists as a spectrum means all people can place themselves somewhere on this spectrum. Indeed, the characteristics that make up autism are part of how neurotypical people (people who are not on the autism spectrum) experience the world as well. I find this to […]


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Play Therapy

Written by: Sarah Talmadge, MSW When I first heard about Play Therapy, I thought, “That sounds fun”! I was in my last year of school and looking for an internship working with children. There was an opening in Child and Family Therapy, and I started working as a play therapist with children. I quickly learned that […]


Childhood Eating Disorders – 5 Things You Need To Know

By: reposted from the Kartini Clinic blog, written by Dr. Julie O’Toole 1. Weight loss in children isn’t normal Imagine you’re a parent of a bright, active 12 year old boy. He gets good grades and has lots of friends. He excels at sports. Then something changes; he begins to lose weight. At his last checkup his pediatrician registers a […]