If you or your child are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the Clark County Mental Health Crisis Line at (360) 696-9560.
If you need emergency assistance, please call 911.
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Support Services

little_girl_balanceAt Family Solutions, we believe treatment does not only occur in the therapy office. Our team of providers includes various support people whose goal is to foster wellness in a client’s natural environment. During the course of treatment, your therapist may invite you to use a range of support services that offer opportunities to practice new skills in your home, at the playground or in your school.

You may also find it helpful to talk with another parent or young adult who has walked in your shoes and can offer the perspective of “having been there.”

Support services are often utilized while you are also working with your therapist, but they may be part of your plan as you are ending your therapy work and just need a little extra support as you begin to ease out of treatment. You and your therapist will decide together if these services are right for you or your family.